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Community is a very important word to the Counterpoint Marda Loop family. Marda Loop is a district in Calgary that has a rich history and is full of culture. 

See what Marda Loop families and other Marda Loop community members have to say about Counterpoint Marda Loop.

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We made the best choice ever when we registered our eldest daughter for Princess Make Believe classes at CPML 12 years ago. We signed up for what seemed like a fun introductory dance class never dreaming then that CPML would become a second home for both our girls. 


CPML has helped nurture, grow and stretch our daughters in so, so many ways. They are better humans for all they have learned at CPML, including hard work, strength, perseverance, confidence, grace, teamwork and so much more. We are grateful for the amazing teachers and dance team coaches/choreographers who are role models to our girls and help them to shine on and off the stage. 


The very fact our girls are now usually at CPML studios at least five days a week during dance season (without complaint and an eagerness to get there!) speaks volumes to the environment that Miss Shannon and her team have created. We could not love CPML more.

- The Parker Family

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