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Counterpoint Dance Academy Marda Loop has operated in the dynamic community of Marda Loop for 18 years. Our journey began in September 2000 with 30 students in a rented dance room of a local school. In 2002 we secured our first location and over the next 16 years expanded our operations to three locations.  In 2016 our dream dance home was built in Garrison Corner, uniting all three locations into one beautiful new studio.


We are a diverse, family-oriented dance studio that professionally trains dancers in an intense, vibrant array of disciplines designed to develop and challenge every young artist. Counterpoint’s community of invested professionals develop the technical skills of dancers in a fun nurturing environment, while building life skills of discipline, focus, work ethic, compassion and community interest.


At Counterpoint Marda Loop nurturing a love of dance in every dancer is the foundation of our studio. We offer Non-Intensive and Intensive options.  Our Non-Intensive programs provide the flexibility of attending limited classes per week while receiving exceptional instruction. Our Intensive programs require commitment to a schedule that provides progressive and challenging classes cultivating highly technical and emotive dancers.  Our Intensive dancers have the opportunity to join our competitive program, The Marda Loop Dance Team, which further develops their abilities and nurtures dancing at their highest potential.

We treasure our entire dance family, from our preschoolers to our Grade 12 graduates, and it is an honor to watch them grow into exceptional individuals. Our love of dance is the founding principle upon which our studio has been built and it is our personal investment in our dancers that has nurtured a community oriented, quality driven, professional and engaging dance studio.

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