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Community is a very important word to the Counterpoint Marda Loop family. Marda Loop is a district in Calgary that has a rich history and is full of culture. 

See what Marda Loop families and other Marda Loop community members have to say about Counterpoint Marda Loop.

The Parker Family


We made the best choice ever when we registered our eldest daughter for Princess Make Believe classes at CPML 12 years ago. We signed up for what seemed like a fun introductory dance class never dreaming then that CPML would become a second home for both our girls. 


CPML has helped nurture, grow and stretch our daughters in so, so many ways. They are better humans for all they have learned at CPML, including hard work, strength, perseverance, confidence, grace, teamwork and so much more. We are grateful for the amazing teachers and dance team coaches/choreographers who are role models to our girls and help them to shine on and off the stage. 


The very fact our girls are now usually at CPML studios at least five days a week during dance season (without complaint and an eagerness to get there!) speaks volumes to the environment that Miss Shannon and her team have created. We could not love CPML more.

Heald Family


Our family has been with Counterpoint Marda Loop for the past 13 years, and we have nothing but great things to say! The teachers are engaged, skilled and knowledgeable. They have a way of connecting with the students - our girls are excited to come to class every week. 


Throughout the pandemic, this amazing group has persevered in keeping a normalcy in our lives and we are so thankful for all of the extra effort they’ve put in... we even had the teachers deliver costumes, to ensure that my littlest one was able to still have a virtual recital!


Thank you for going above and beyond, we have, and will continue to recommend your dance studio to anyone looking for a studio to call home :)

Durant Family


Counterpoint Dance is more than just a dance studio, it is a second home for our children over the last 12 years.   All three of our children have found their love of dance because of the caring nurturing environment that the studio owner Shannon and her team create. We have always felt our children are safe and enjoying themselves when we leave them at the studio.  Even in these uncertain times we feel comfortable taking our children to the studio. We know that Shannon has spent countless hours creating a safe, clean, welcoming environment that adheres to all the health protocols required by AHS.  We appreciate the variety of classes that are offered to allow the children to explore their different interests.  The competitive team has been a highlight for all three of the kids.  We as parents appreciate Shannon's approach to having a balance between dance and family.  We love that the competitive team is not about just winning but doing your personal best and being a part of a team.

Powell Family


We have been a part of the amazing Counterpoint Dance community for the past 12 years.  It all started with Princess Make Believe for all 3 of my daughters and has ended up with 2 of them joining the Competitive Dance Team.  I have recommended Counterpoint Marda Loop (CPML) time and time again as I am constantly amazed by the energetic, dedicated and fun teachers CPML has on staff.  These teachers have become inspiring role models for all 3 of my girls and in turn, they have taught them how to become role models themselves.  Miss Shannon and her staff promote hard work, dedication, discipline, perseverance and teamwork.  They have also ensured the girls feel confident through body positive messaging and a healthy lifestyle.  While all of these traits are important for dancers, they also translate into everyday life.  My daughters are challenged by dance in many ways and have learned through this club to strive to be the best they can be both individually and as a part of a team.


What makes me proud to be a part of the CPML dance team is that my girls have grown together as sisters through the love of dance and have learned to encourage each other and to encourage others.  The girls have learned how to be more empathetic and have a deep understanding of the fact that winning isn't everything; what matters is the effort you put into the dance and the bonds you build along the way.  CPML offers its dancers a sense of community and belonging and the girls have made friendships that will last a lifetime.


CPML has nurtured much more than a love of dancing, they have nurtured my girls as individuals, as sisters and as teammates.  Through dance and performance, they have grown to become confident, compassionate, kind-hearted, genuine and authentic young women.  The girls love being at the studio with their friends and instructors and we envision being there for several years to come.


Thank you for making our hearts sing CPML!

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